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Phoenix Security Companies

Many regular Phoenix security companies offer very basic course on weapons training; but here at Capitol Guard & Patrol we offer in depth thorough weapons courses.
More and more businesses are looking for professional security guards to help keep their employees and customers safe. It doesn’t matter if you are in the entertainment, retail or…

Arizona Security Training

Capitol Guard and Patrol offers courses in both shotgun and M26 or X26 Taser for those enrolled in its Arizona security training program.
With the onslaught of shootings in the media lately—from both civilians and law enforcement officials—there has been a lot of discussion regarding the use of deadly force. While m…

Arizona Security Agency

If you’re interested in becoming a security officer, make sure that you receive adequate training at a licensed Arizona security agency. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the security guard training offered by Capitol Guard & Patrol.
Security guards should always be properly trained and licensed before they are allowed to join an Arizona security agency. The company where security guards receive training shoul…


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Capitol Guard & Patrol is one of the oldest, continuously operating private security firms in the State of Arizona. 

Our most important resource are the men and women who protect our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.