TASER ECDs (electronic control devices) provide security personnel with an effective means of dealing with combative or aggressive people they encounter on the job. TASER devices offer many benefits over other weapons, including a decreased risk of injury to security personnel when dealing with uncooperative subjects. Capitol Guard & Patrol in Phoenix offers professional TASER training courses to instruct security officers on the proper use of these devices.

TASER devices are considered an acceptable means of administering non-deadly force for law enforcement and security personnel. Still, improper use of TASER devices can result in severe injury or even death to security officers and/or suspects. For this reason, it is essential that security guards receive proper TASER training before using these devices on the job. Capitol Guard & Patrol offers a professional training course for security personnel that will carry an M26 or X26 TASER ECD.

During our TASER training course, students will learn the proper function and use of M26 and X26 TASER devices. Our certified instructors will teach students the use of force policy, and legal implications of using a TASER device as a security officer. To successfully complete the course, students must also pass a written examination and participate in a live-fire training drill. Although students are not required to be exposed to the TASER ECD, they can request such exposure, if they wish to do so.

For over 30 years, Capitol Guard & Patrol has been duly certified and licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), and our training courses are taught by a DPS certified instructor. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the TASER training courses offered at Capitol Guard & Patrol.