Do have your eyes on a rewarding and dependable career as a licensed armed security guard? The first step towards this great opportunity is to find a top notch armed security training program. Proper licensing and training through a well-respected and accredited education program is a must when entering this field. Capitol Guard and Patrol offers a thorough training program will make you more attractive to potential employers and give you the confidence you need to really thrive in your new career. The following are important considerations when choosing a training program:

Is the Training Provider Reputable and Experienced?

Industry leading training programs are commonly offered by active security companies. The instructors in these programs have a wealth of knowledge to share with students and are able to offer practical examples of the material. These instructors are particularly helpful in assisting students through the required licensing process and giving personal advice on career options. Be sure to verify that the provider has the specific armed security training program required for state certification.

Does the Provider Offer a Variety of Training Programs?

There are numerous training options for a career as a security guard, some are optional and some are required. Common areas of instruction include Armed Guard, Unarmed Guard, shotgun certification TASER certification, pepper stray training, and handcuff and baton certification. If you are interested in armed security training, you can also supplement your training with other courses—there is no such thing as too much training in the security field. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the armed security trainingcourses offered at Capitol Guard and Patrol.