If you are hoping to become a security guard in Arizona, and are not interested in jobs where you will be required to carry a weapon, you must first participate in unarmed security training in order to obtain your Arizona Guard Card. This card declares you competent and able to perform all the tasks required of a security guard in the state of Arizona. Your card will also specify that you are only eligible for jobs in which weapons are not required. Capitol Guard & Patrol offers unarmed security training that will allow you to get certified with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Important Aspects of Unarmed Security Training

It may seem simple to be a security guard, but being an effective guard is a process of completing the correct training and dedicating yourself to your job. During your unarmed security training at Capitol Guard & Patrol, you will complete a course that will focus on the following aspects of working as a security guard:

  • Search and seizure

  • Laws of arrest

  • Use of force

  • Other criminal violations

If you are to be good at your job as a security guard, you need to understand when you must stand your ground and protect your charges and when you should back down and contact the proper authorities.

Honesty and Communication

A good security guard isn’t only able to provide protection to clients and their property. He or she is also able to communicate effectively and responsibly, and is an honest and dedicated worker. In the security profession, honesty and integrity are essential, and poor communication can cause tragic accidents that could easily have been avoided. With the right security training from Capitol Guard & Patrol, you will learn the communications skills necessary to become a valued professional in the field. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the unarmed security training courses offered at Capitol Guard & Patrol.