In the state of Arizona, the Department of Public Safety has developed a specific programs for those who hope to work in the field of security. Whether you hope to become an armed guard or an unarmed guard, you must first obtain the proper training and licensing in order to work as a security guard. Depending on the type of security certification you are hoping to receive, your security training programs will vary. Capitol Guard & Patrol offers a variety of armed and unarmed security guard training courses to meet your needs – and your desired security position.

Unarmed Security Guards

Those who hope to work as unarmed security guards will complete an eight-hour course with Capitol Guard & Patrol, an agency that is duly certified by the DPS. Common areas covered during this training are:

  • Uniform and grooming

  • Communications

  • General procedures for security

  • Emergency response

  • Ethics

  • Preservation of a crime scene

The state will not issue a license until it receives a certification signed by your instructor stating that your training was completed.

Armed Security Guards

The security training programs for armed security guards provide you with a license to carry a weapon. This training includes your eight-hour course, plus an extra 16 hours of training to use firearms. Your training will include all of the areas covered by an unarmed security guard training, along with the training for the proper use of a weapon.


If your guard card has lapsed, or is about to lapse, Capitol Guard & Patrol also has training available to renew your certifications and ensure that you are up to date on any new information. These training courses are very similar to the original training you took part in to obtain your first card.

The information you learn during your security training programs will be a great help when performing your job as a security guard in the state of Arizona. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the security training courses offered at Capitol Guard & Patrol.