If you’re interested in becoming a security officer, you’ll need the right training from a certified and licensed security agency. Certified security companies have the proper tools and security training curriculum necessary to make you the very best highly qualified security officer, so make sure you do your research about the agency before enrolling.

Types of Training

There are several areas of a security training curriculum for you to complete, depending on what type of security jobs you’re interested in. If you don’t want to carry a firearm, then you’ll want to complete unarmed guard training where you’ll learn about use of force, laws of arrest and search and seizure procedures. Training courses might also cover proper grooming habits and how your uniform should look while you’re on the job. Taking a self-defense class could also prove useful in certain scenarios.

Armed guard training courses teach students about firearm training, firearm laws, how to condition yourself mentally to using a firearm and in what situations you are justified in using deadly force. Armed guard courses also have students complete a live-fire qualification and a written exam. Various other types of training included in a security training curriculum you might be interested in include shotgun training, TASER training, baton certification and how to properly use pepper spray.

To get the most out of your security officer career, attend training courses through a security agency like Capitol Guard & Patrol, which offers an extensive curriculum. We provide professional security training in Phoenix. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about our armed and unarmed guard training in the Phoenix area.