With the onslaught of shootings in the media lately—from both civilians and law enforcement officials—there has been a lot of discussion regarding the use of deadly force. While most will agree that there are extraordinary circumstances that require the use of deadly force, the majority of situations do not justify such action. This is why Capitol Guard and Patrol offers courses in both shotgun and M26 or X26 Taser for those enrolled in its Arizona security training program. While tasers are not intended to completely replace firearms, they offer security personnel and law enforcement officers a safer option to temporarily incapacitate an uncooperative and/or combative person.

Course Curriculum

An M26 or X26 Taser is used in the course because this type of electronic control device is considered the standard in the industry. Security personnel that will be carrying such a device should be educated and trained on how to use it properly. Improper use can lead to severe injuries or even death. Some of the core concepts taught in the Arizona security training program offered by Capitol Guard and Patrol include:

  • Force policy

  • Function and use of the M26 and X26 Taser

  • Legal aspects of carrying a taser in a security role

Students will not only be required to pass a written examination, but must also participate in a live-fire training exercise.

Benefits of Tasers

There are many benefits of using tasers as a non-deadly force option. Using a taser instead of a gun can reduce the risk of security personnel becoming injured when dealing with aggressive and combative people, even those who do not feel pain because they are intoxicated or high. Officers can deploy tasers while keeping a safe distance to immobilize aggressors with minimal aftercare. Learn more about how Capitol Guard & Patrol can help you with all of your security needs today by calling us at 602-971-1514.