Security guards should always be properly trained and licensed before they are allowed to join an Arizona security agency. The company where security guards receive training should also be a certified security training agency. There are a number of areas in which a security guard can be trained, including armed/unarmed guard, shotgun and pepper spray use, and handcuff/baton certification. All of these training areas should be considered when hiring an Arizona security agency.

Armed/Unarmed Guard

In armed training, security officers will learn about firearm safety, mental conditioning and the laws of deadly force. In unarmed training, students will be instructed on the use of force, criminal violations and the methods of subduing a suspect prior to arrest.


An Arizona security agency will teach students about correct loading techniques, shotgun maintenance and how to safely handle a shotgun. Shotgun courses usually include exercises where students will have the chance to fire a shotgun in order to learn how to properly and safely use one. Students will also have to successfully pass a written exam in order to complete the course.

Pepper Spray

There’s more to the use of pepper spray than just pointing the canister and pressing the button. Pepper spray courses instruct students on environmental factors, chemical projectors and the legal considerations to think about before resorting to pepper spray.

If you’re interested in becoming a security officer, make sure that you receive adequate training at a licensed Arizona security agency. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the professional security services and security guard training offered by Capitol Guard & Patrol.