Security guards can either be armed or unarmed. An armed security guard will usually receive better pay and benefits than an unarmed security guard. Armed security guards learn how to properly use a firearm as part of their security guard training in AZ. In most states, armed security guards must have additional documentation and a license for their firearms. If you’re thinking about becoming an armed security guard, you should be physically fit, have good communication skills and be adaptive to a variety of circumstances and settings.

Benefits of Becoming an Armed Security Guard

Besides getting paid more, armed security guards have more opportunities for career advancement once they’ve completed their armed security guard training in AZ. Several types of security positions are only available to individuals who are qualified to use a firearm. Another reason to become an armed security guard is that you’ll be better protected. There are certain circumstances where simply having immediate access to a firearm can prevent a dangerous situation, even if you never have to draw the firearm.

What You’ll Learn from Firearms Training

While completing armed security guard training in AZ, you’ll learn how to retain your firearm and keep it from being used against you. Training classes will also cover self-defense and students will go to a firing range to learn how it feels to actually shoot a gun. Classes will also cover state gun laws, such as how you can carry a gun and how and when you are allowed to use your firearm.

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