In this day and age, the decision to become a security guard isn’t an easy one. Whether you are protecting someone’s assets, or protecting a living human being, there are always risks involved. Because of these risks, getting the proper training is absolutely imperative. Capitol Guard & Patrol offers a variety of Phoenix security training to help you make a difference – and succeed – in a new and exciting career.

The good news is that the number of positions available in the security field is quite large – even in this down economy. There are plenty of the standard, unarmed “observe and report” positions available, of course. These are unarmed guard positions with relatively low risk to the guard or anyone else. Even at a low risk though, it’s important to learn how to make observational notes that can lead to the apprehension of a wrongdoer by the police. The more detailed notes you can provide – the better. In addition, basic self defense is an absolutely necessity for all types of Phoenix security guards.

To take your Phoenix security training one step further – and open up more lucrative job opportunities – you can get fully licensed and certified to carry a firearm. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) regulates the armed security industry in Arizona and requires that all security agencies be licensed. Further, every individual security guard must be licensed to carry a sidearm. The use of deadly force carries many legal and emotional issues, so it’s important everyone is checked out and passes a rigorous background check before obtaining a firearms license.

In addition to the firearms training, Phoenix security cadets will be introduced and trained on safe and effective use of handcuffs and the police baton. Proper restraint of an assailant or suspect is extremely important for the safety of yourself, the public, and the suspect. Researchers estimate that nearly 70% of all resistance of arrest occurs after the handcuffs are already on the suspect. This could cause harm to them and the people around them. With our Phoenix security training, you’ll learn ways to minimize these risks.

A career in security can be a rewarding and challenging experience where you can truly make a difference in people’s lives. Capitol Guard & Patrol provides training courses taught by DPS-certified instructors who have passed an FBI background check, so you know you are getting the best training available.

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