If you’re one of the many people in the state either looking for a job or a new career, perhaps security may be a good fit for you. In the security field, there are many different positions available. There are traditional security guard positions, like you might see in the mall or at a golf course. These are usually unarmed positions tasked with observing and reporting incidents. This would require the basic Arizona security guard training.

Then, there are armed security positions where uniformed security patrol are authorized to make arrests and even use deadly force if necessary. Sometimes, these positions would include armored truck protection, or secured building protection. A position like this would require additional Arizona security guard training.

In addition to the two uniformed positions described above, many private security agencies offer executive protection services. This is kind of a “Secret Service” for executives and top-level businessmen who feel the need for protection. Often elite, these positions are usually reserved for those with the most training and experience.

Capitol Guard & Patrol offers Arizona security guard training courses that will teach everything you need to know to be an effective guard, regardless of the path you choose. In any type of guard position, self-defense will be a key component to your training. In addition to that, you’ll be taught fire arm safety if you choose to be an armed guard. In fact, you’ll be taught to use all safety and restraint equipment safely and effectively.

Many security guards carry handcuffs, so the proper method of restraining a suspect will also be taught. The baton, historically a police favorite, can be used in the restraint and apprehension of many suspects and you will be taught to utilize it to its highest potential. There are many legal concerns when working as a security guard, armed or not. Going through a training and certification process can get you the information you need to lead a successful new career.

Capitol Guard & Patrol is one of the oldest privately held security firms in the State of Arizona, and we have been certified and licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) for more than 30 years. We provide training courses taught by DPS-certified instructors who have passed an FBI background check. Call 602-971-1514 to learn more about the Arizona security guard training services we offer.