Feb 27, 2015

Jul 31, 2013

Baton Training

As a security guard on the job, a baton can be an invaluable tool. That is why taking a baton training course to learn how to properly handle this tool will make you a more effective security guard. Capitol Guard & Patrol offers a course designed specifically for security personnel who will carry handcuffs and a baton. Capitol Guard's handcuff…

Jul 08, 2013

TASER Training

TASER ECDs (electronic control devices) provide security personnel with an effective means of dealing with combative or aggressive people they encounter on the job. TASER devices offer many benefits over other weapons, including a decreased risk of injury to security personnel when dealing with uncooperative subjects. Capitol Guard & Patrol in …

Jun 28, 2013

Armed Security Training

Do have your eyes on a rewarding and dependable career as a licensed armed security guard? The first step towards this great opportunity is to find a top notch armed security training program. Proper licensing and training through a well-respected and accredited education program is a must when entering this field. Capitol Guard and Patrol offers a…

Jun 10, 2013

Non-lethal Training

There are numerous career options for those who work in the security field. The two most common security licensures are for unarmed security guards and armed security guards. Regardless of specific certification, proper non-lethal training is of the utmost importance. A security guard’s most important skill is the ability to effectively communicate…

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